How to Apply

Provo Housing is accepting applications for housing assistance! Provo Housing maintains separate waiting lists for Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Programs. There is a single application for both programs. Persons interested in receiving housing assistance may do so by applying online or by providing a complete application to the office.

Income Limits

Each month the Provo City Housing Authority (PCHA) helps approximately 1,300 Provo resident households afford decent and safe housing through our affordable housing programs.  Our programs assist low-income families, elderly and disabled individuals.  These programs include Public Housing, the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Low-Income-Housing-Tax-Credit (LIHTC) Affordable Housing, Supportive Housing, Shelter Plus Care vouchers, and Family Self Sufficiency.

All housing recipients are required to income-qualify for the housing assistance they receive.  For the Housing Choice Voucher program, the income limit 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) adjusted for household size.  For the Public Housing Program, the income limit is 50% of AMI adjusted for household size for developments build or acquired after 1981, and 80% AMI adjusted for household size for developments built or acquired prior to 1981.

Income Limits

Household Size

30% AMI* 50% AMI 80% AMI
1 $22,900 $38,150 $61,050
2 $26,200 $43,600 $69,750
3 $29,450 $49,050 $78,500
4 $32,700 $54,500 $87,200
5 $36,580 $58,900 $94,200
6 $41,960 $63,250 $101,200
7 $47,340 $67,550 $108,150
8 $52,720 $71,950 $115,150
*Area Median Income

Income guidelines are established by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

Proof of Application

All online applications will receive a confirmation number.  Please keep your confirmation number because you will need it to register your account.

How Long Is the Wait?

Approximate waiting list times vary, and are determined by the number of applicants on the list and the availability of housing units or Vouchers. We will notify you when the application has reached the top of the waiting list. Please keep your contact information up to date including change of address, household members, income, phone number, email, etc. 

Where Am I on the List?

Approximate waiting list times for the Public Housing program vary depending on bedroom size and type of unit your household will qualify for. The Housing Choice Voucher program’s waiting list also varies depending on funding and attrition. You may call our office and we may be able to provide an estimated time before your application reaches the top of the waiting list.


Reaching the top of a waiting lists means that the application will be evaluated for eligibility. It does not guarantee assistance. Applicants will need to be prepared to provide income verifications, household member verifications, Provo residency verifications, as well as any other information requested by the Housing Authority. All adult members of the household are required to pass a criminal background check. Registered sex offenders are not eligible for assistance. Applicants for owned housing program will require a credit history and rental history check.


Applicants will be notified when their application reaches the top of the waiting list. Notifications may be sent out via mail, email, or a phone call. If you do not respond to the notification by the deadline, the application may be removed from the waiting list. 

Provo Residency Priority

Our programs give priority to Provo Residents. When an application is submitted, the applicant may be eligible for this preference if applicant is currently living or working in Provo. This applies to both our Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing Lists.

*Printed applications require copies of Social Security Cards for every member of the household. 

*You may fax completed applications to (801) 373-6560

For help outside the City of Provo but within Utah County, please contact the Housing Authority of Utah County at 801-373-8333, or to apply with the Housing Authority of Utah County, please click here.