The Provo City Housing Authority was created in 1971 by a commission of the City of Provo.  Our primary functions include the administration of the Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher program in the City of Provo.  These two programs are federally funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  We have regularly received a designation of “High Performer” by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in both Public Housing (Public Housing Assessment System) and the Housing Choice Voucher program Section 8 Management Assessment Program.

We believe that the opportunity to have safe, secure, and affordable housing is an essential foundation for successful pursuit of life goals.  Without the foundation and security of a home, the pursuit of education, career advancement, and other essential tools on the path to self-sufficiency are difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Good customer service is at our core of values; we feel strongly that our approach to those we interact with contributes to our success in being more than just a housing provider. We care about those with whom we interact, including neighboring property owners, landlords, City officials, our community partners, and the Provo residents we serve.